Anton Aubanell, a QUSTom partner and radiologist and researcher in Diagnostic Imaging at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute, participated in the European Researchers´ Night, a public event that aims to bring research and innovation closer to people of all ages.

Dr. Anton Aubanell gave a presentation “A photograph of tomorrow, the future of breast cancer screening”.

During his presentation, he explained that today we have limited ways to detect breast cancer, where the best known is mammography, an uncomfortable technique, which exposes patients to radiation and has some detection problems in certain cases.

In this context, Aubanell, talked about the QUSTom project, highlighting that it aims to develop a new imaging technique based on ultrasound and seismography algorithms, which allows to obtain more accurate images of the breast without irradiating the patient and reducing discomfort and pain.

In addition to Anton Aubanell, other researchers from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (QUSTom partner) participated in the event.

Octavio Castillo, researcher from the department of Computational Applications in Science and Engineering (CASE), gave a talk called “Journey to the centre of the Earth: a tale about mathematics and supercomputing”, placing Jules Verne’s novel in the present day, to explain how researchers travel to the heart of the Earth using mathematical models and supercomputing.

Xavier Sáez and Dani Gallart, also from the CASE department, focused their participation on the talk “The heart of the stars on Earth” and how fossil fuels and nuclear fission energy mainly cover energy demand.