Torsten Hopp: “The technology we are developing for QUSTom could potentially be applied to other parts of the body in the future, such as the brain or joints”

In this QUSTom interview series, you will meet Torsten Hopp, a dedicated researcher whose journey in computer science began at [...]


Arctur’s CEO, Tomi Ilijaš, discusses supercomputing and artificial intelligence in the QUSTom Project at an event held in Slovenia

Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur's CEO, delivered a compelling presentation titled "Supercomputing and Artificial Intelligence: Potential for a Better Tomorrow" in Nova [...]


Almudena Maceda: “Promoting the visibility of girls and women in the field of science is essential for fostering inclusivity, breaking stereotypes, and leveraging the full potential of a diverse and talented scientific community”

The QUSTom interview series aims to introduce readers to the people behind our research. Meet Almudena Maceda,  Robotic and Automation [...]

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