On March 14th, the Faculty of Health Sciences in Celje hosted an international symposium titled “Digitalization in Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence: Innovations for a Greater Future”. The symposium aimed to showcase the latest advancements in technology, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence, which is increasingly important in the development of modern medicine and healthcare

The event was structured into three sessions, each highlighting distinct aspects of digitalization’s impact on healthcare. These sessions included presentations of case studies demonstrating digitalization’s enhancements within health centers, discussions surrounding the integration of digitalization and artificial intelligence in health worker education, and the unveiling of innovative applications of artificial intelligence for diagnostic purposes in medicine.

As an important part of the symposium, Samo Eržen, the research engineer from Arctur, presented innovative R&D projects in the field of medicine, including QUSTom. QUSTom aims to revolutionize breast cancer diagnosis using a new device based on supercomputing and ultrasound. Within QUSTom, ARCTUR supports technical tasks and is responsible for optimizing the 3D HPC inversion software.